What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Should the stars align this weekend, I'll be playing Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. But that may turn out to be an unlikely scenario, so a few back up games here at Kotaku Towers West will have to suffice.


That would be two PlayStation 3 games, Guitar Hero 5 and Demon's Souls, which will definitely be getting some Labor Day extended weekend attention. Reviews for both should be due posthaste, but honestly it's the promise of Bowser's Inside Story that has me most excited. Nothing about Neversoft and Atlus' offerings, but I'm a big fan of Nintendo's more casual RPG series.

How about yourself? Any three-day weekend gaming plans?

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well... my girlfriend just left for school a couple weeks ago, so all that freed up time has me going back and beating all of my current gen games that i never beat. i beat halo 3 yesterday and call of duty 4 today (in preperation for odst and modern warfare 2), but i think ill go after this stack and start a couple of these guys off.

ive got lost planet, sonic unleashed, prince of persia, mass effect, and assassins creed.

i would try to finish resistance 2, valkyria chronicles, killzone 2, mirrors edge, devil may cry 4, uncharted, or infamous if she didnt have my ps3 with her.