What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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While I was away in Germany and the Netherlands, a copy of Rock Band 2 "special edition" was shipped to my house. I already have the original full band set up, but thought a second was a "good" idea.


It was actually just the solution to my broken drum set and the need for a second Rock Band guitar, plus the addition of Rock Band 2 to my library. I've been living on a steady diet of on-disc tracks and downloadable ones since the game's release, but an Amazon sale made it worth having shipped for free to my house.

Long story short, that's what I'll be playing this weekend, when I have a spare minute. It's tax time for people like me, ones who filed extensions in the face of frightening returns. C'mon, refund!


What about you? Doing tax preparation this weekend? Or are you just playing games?

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Juggling between Wolfenstein (when my brothers are off the computer) and Luminous Arc 2 on bus trips,during break time from work, and when my brothers are on the computer (which makes this "most of the time").