What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Like thousands of Blizzcon and Gamescom attendees, I'll be playing a little Diablo III this weekend, abusing my press access to get to the front of the line at Blizzard's booth here in Germany.

Oh, don't give me that look. I can only take advantage of that early Gamescom showfloor access once per day, just enough to get my hands on the two classes I haven't yet played, the Wizard and Witchdoctor. I suppose I'll get to play something else at Gamescom that isn't Diablo III. New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii maybe. Perhaps a little Uncharted 2 single-player. But it will mostly be a game of avoiding being crushed by German gamers.


What about yourself? What, besides Diablo III, might you be playing this weekend?

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