What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Metal.... Gear? Solid Touch? That's right! I've gotta finish playing through the iPhone-only entry in the Metal Gear Solid series, not expecting the same dense narrative and tear-jerking tactics from the PlayStation 3 blockbuster.

In addition to Metal Gear Solid Touch, I need to wrap up this MadWorld thing before we head up to San Francisco. You know, the Game Developers Conference is next week, so I need to pack, make myself publicly presentable and get all my ducks in a row before the flood of appointments hits.


Beyond those two games, I may play a little Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 on the Dreamcast. You know, for research purposes. What's on your gaming agenda this weekend? Anyone pick up Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars or Resistance: Retribution this week?

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