What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Stand back, I got this.
Stand back, I got this.
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The weekend is about slowly and joylessly working through our backlog, somehow dripping with sweat and covered with coal dust. Where did all this sweat-enhancing coal dust come from?


Speaking of backlogs, I’ll be spending my weekend free time with the newly released PS5 version (also out for Xbox Series X/S) of Yakuza spinoff Judgment. I started the adventures of former lawyer turned private dick Takayuki Yagami on the PS4 back in 2019 and never made my way back. That’s the good thing about games released close to a console generation transition, all of these second-chance upgrades giving us a good excuse to get back into the fray.

I would be playing the Nier Replicant remaster, but I’ve already finished it. The life of a game reviewer can be so hard sometimes.

How about you folks? What are you playing this weekend?

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Faux Bravo

Well hey, I finally finished Outriders on Wednesday night. It then crashed a few times and locked up my whole PC once over the course of trying to do an expedition, so I finally gave up. If it actually decides to run, I might do some expeditions and keep playing for a bit. I’m hesitant to start a new character because I don’t really want to play the campaign again, so I’ll have to see if you can just start right in grinding quests or doing expeditions with a blank dude.

Otherwise, the world is mostly my oyster. I’m playing Dragonquest 2, so that will definitely happen. But otherwise, I’m not sure and I’ll have to see where the weekend takes me. Something with a controller, probably, since I’m pretty sick of sitting at my desk for long periods. I already do that for work.

More importantly, I’m going to a friend’s black sash test at my kung fu school this evening, and then I’m gonna hit a 10pm showing of Mortal Kombat, which will hopefully not be crowded.

Finally got a damn vaccine appointment. First shot next Saturday.