What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Diablo II, only prettier.
Diablo II, only prettier.
Screenshot: Blizzard / Kotaku

The weekend is for playing a 20-year-old action RPG classic with a substantial glow-up. Unless you’re not in the Diablo II: Resurrected alpha test. Then you should probably play something else.


I’ve been fiddling with Diablo II: Resurrected’s alpha since yesterday and shall continue to do so over the weekend. So far I’m quite pleased. The visuals are lovely, without radically changing the artistic direction of the original release. The animation is a bit stiff, but that’s Diablo II. I love the lighting. The dynamic shadows and reflections add so much to the game’s spooky atmosphere. Best of all, there’s a button that lets me swap between the old look and the new instantly, allowing me to more easily appreciate how much has changed.

Gif: Blizzard / Kotaku

It’s the sort of remaster that feels like my memory of playing the old game, while obviously improving on it in so many ways. Who needs Diablo IV?

I do. I need Diablo IV. Forget I said anything.

What are you folks playing this weekend?

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I put dozens of hours into Diablo and Diablo: 2 as a kid, so I am looking forward to getting this remaster at some point.

I got to Chapter 5 in FF7:R and plan to get a little further in that game. I am pretty much used to the combat at this point and don’t feel like Cloud is about to die constantly. Also the characters are starting to grow on me, even the more annoying ones.

I also tried out Remnant: From the Ashes. I didn’t get very far before I decided I would move on. The plot was non-existent, but at least that means you get to shooting demons much faster. I like the combat gameplay enough and it definitely has a Diablo (but with Guns) feel to it. My main issues were that the leveling up system was less than compelling to me (you can improve health/stamina and level up your weapons, but that’s about it), and it seems like it would be much more fun playing with friends, and none of my friends have this game.