What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is for needing to do laundry but probably not doing laundry because laundry sucks. It’s also for playing video games!


I’m excited to check out the new stuff in Hitman 3, which includes the “Greed” expansion and an Easter egg hunt in Berlin. I’ve seen other players say cool things about them, and I’m super intrigued. Hitman 3 has had me mostly going back to Hitman 2, but it’s a good reminder that there’s lots and lots of Hitman I haven’t played yet.

What about you? What are you playing this weekend?


Right now I’d say I’m primarily playing Hades on Switch. I held out for a physical version so I’m just getting to the game now, but yeah I see why it got all the hype. Really loving the game. Tight gameplay, great art and music, and I’m really liking the writing and how the story is presented. Haven’t had any successful escapes yet, but I’m having a blast trying.

Since I started and completed Ori and the Blind Forest (100%!) last weekend I gave Will of the Wisps a go last night to take a break from Hades so that is on my list for this weekend as well. Looks even prettier than the first game—shame my OG Xbone can’t do HDR.

Anyways, Blind Forest was my “break” game after I finished Yakuza 0, so I will probably start on the first Kiwami this weekend too. Haven’t played this one since it came out on PS2, so I’m looking forward to revisiting this game again in all its remastered...ness. Also finally getting to hear the original Japanese dub. At least the English dub for the western PS2 release could boast Mark Hamill and Eliza Dushku in its casting, haha