What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Someone say grace.
Someone say grace.
Screenshot: Bandai Namco

The weekend is for getting together with the family for a nice meal, preferably without being stuffed and posed around the table by a deranged maniac. It’s also for having some little nightmares, as a treat.

Little Nightmares II came out this week, and I am slowly working my way through its dark and gloomy puzzle platforming goodness. I never played the original game, an unfortunate situation I might have to rectify over the weekend, as the protagonist from that game is a computer-controlled partner in this one. So far I’m getting the same chilling vibes I got from Limbo and Inside, the whole little protagonist in a huge, dark, and deadly world thing. I love it, even if it’s likely to give me actual nightmares.

What dreamy games are you playing this weekend?

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Faux Bravo

This week, I played none of the games that I’ve been making major progress on. No Dark Souls; no Ys VII; no... I don’t remember what else.

I messed around with Grim Dawn, and coming off my Skyrim completion last fallish, I figured I’d fire up Oblivion. I also dug Hammerwatch out of my library and had a surprisingly good time with it. Though, I think it would be a better game if there were some sort of permanent progression system and it wasn’t a roguelike. And lastly, I picked up Valheim on a (okay, it was drunken) whim. Seems neat.

I’ll probably get back to Dark Souls. Otherwise it’ll be a weekend of just hopping around to what feels good. Oblivion isn’t too shabby, but it just feels like more of the same after so much Skyrim. We’ll see how that goes. I don’t like the feeling of being locked into a class, not that there’s anything stopping you from using any other skills you feel like. But it feels restrictive after Skyrim’s do-what-ever you want attitude. Also, I need to watch a Youtube video or somemthing, because what the hell is even the speechcraft system? I have to tell jokes and insult NPCs into submission to... get more information? I accidentally skipped the introduction and it is not even remotely intuitive. Why wouldn’t I just do the things the NPC likes to get on their good side? Why do I even want to be on some random NPC’s good side? I’m trying to embrace more roleplaying in games, something I wouldn’t have done in my youth. Which is ironic given that I played way more roleplaying games back in the day. But they’re making it hard, friends! They’re making it hard.