What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Screenshot: Rockfish Games

This weekend is for relaxing just a little bit more than we relaxed last weekend. I’m not saying we should just collapse on our couches and let out long, relieved sighs, but perhaps we can breathe a little easier. Maybe play some video games. Perhaps even space video games.


Ever play a space video game? Ever play two space video games? I am trying to work these opening sentences into a clever Everspace 2 pun, but it’s just not coming together for me. No doubt my editor, likely John Walker, will offer to help shape the pun into something workable, but I shall refuse, because I’d rather be shooting and mining in space. Everspace 2, now out in early access on Steam, has all the shooting, mining, and exploration I crave in my space games, without making my head ache like space MMO EVE Online. I love to fly around without having to do math. Or at least doing math of my own choosing, completely unrelated to a player-run economy or complex skill training system. I pull trigger, ship go boom. Hooray!

So, what are YOU playing this weekend? Yes, you, with the corporeal form.

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I’m not playing it this weekend, but I am super excited that I scored a PS5 order from Best Buy yesterday! Store pickup on Wednesday and I already have copies of Miles Morales and DIRT5 waiting, lol. Not trying to brag, just thought I wouldn’t be able to snag one til February at the earliest, so I am happy with the luck I had yesterday. Woo!

As for what I will be playing, probably more Hollow Knight because I ended up not playing that at all last weekend and I need to knock out same games I have in progress.