What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The difference between brown and white rice?
The difference between brown and white rice?
Screenshot: Xseed Games

Weekends are for realizing you were so caught up in the next-gen hype you didn’t do “What Are You Playing This Weekend?” for a couple of weeks. Also, it’s about using a video game to learn about rice.

If it weren’t obvious from the screenshot, I’ll be spending this weekend trying to get further in Xseed’s Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, a game that’s part platforming hack-and-slash, part rice growing simulation. When not exploring the countryside, killing demons and collecting resources, the game’s titular harvest goddess cultivates an actual harvest. We’re talking growing, weeding, collecting human waste to make compost, drying, hulling, and possibly but not really seducing grains of rice. The whole process has me horribly anxious, but also charmed? We’ll see how this weekend’s rice harvest goes.

What of you people? Are you playing new games on new consoles, old games on new consoles, new games on old consoles, or old games on old consoles?

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I feel like it’s been a while since we had one of these posts! Did I just keep missing them? Anyways, my updates since my last WAYPTW post: finished getting platinum trophies for Jedi: Fallen Order and Absolute Drift on PS4, which puts me up to 28 platinums. Woo!

So, wanting to start something new for PS4 from my huge backlog, I stared at my collection for a few minutes. People are always like: “how do you decide what to play?” This is literally how I do it. Stare at my games and listen to my gut and then...just pick one! This time my whims chose Dishonored: Definitive Edition.

I’ll say it took me a little while to fully “get” Dishonored and what you can do with the game, but once I did I really began to enjoy myself. Already wrapped up the campaign and first story DLC and am working on the second, The Brigmore Witches. I almost kind of think the DLC is a bit better than the main game so I’m excited to start Dishonored 2 right after I finish this one. I also have Death of the Outsider ready to go after that too (told you, huge backlog). One upside I love though is playing a series all in a row right after one another rather than forget the story in between releases.

Aside from that I’ve made my way over to Mario Galaxy in 3D All-Stars. I didn’t get all the Shines in Sunshine because screw those Blue Coins, but I got my fill of it. I’m looking forward to playing the rest of Galaxy again. So far it looks great in HD and I love being reminded of how beautiful the soundtrack is. I should probably play some more Hollow Knight too.

Although some of the games I had planned on buying on Black Friday went on sale early, one of which being Ghost of Tsushima ($40 at Best Buy right now! Also snagged Iron Man VR for $20). My order is allegedly going to be delivered tomorrow so it’s likely I’ll give that one a go this weekend as well because I’ve really been wanting to play it and I’m a big SP fan. I held off picking it up because I was still finishing Jedi and The Last of Us Part II before that and I don’t like having too many big games in progress at once.