What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Hello from Appalachia!
Hello from Appalachia!
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Well, I give up. As much as I want to play something else this weekend because I feel like I should, I’m going to play more Fallout 76. It’s time to stop fighting it and just embrace it.


I imagine some of you have had similar problems, where you find yourself playing something old instead of all those new games that are sitting on your computer or inside your console. And yet, you return to that old game, again and again, unable to escape its hooks. Maybe if Fallout 76 crashes on me 40 times this weekend I’ll finally try to play some more Drake Hollow or The Division 2. Unlikely, but I can dream...

Anyway, what are you playing this weekend?

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I’m not entirely sure. The season 2 update for fall guys has been a net disappointment, since the new wall guys level is a pit of despair, they ruined Hex a gone somehow, most everything to purc from the store is based around boring nameplates instead of cool new colors and costumes, and the netcode is still terrible so that after playing for so long the wAcKy physics caused by lag differences becomes punishing and not fun. So I’ll still probably grind out a few more levels and see if I can find the fun again. I should just play Control already and get on that DLC.

This weekend is also for a home version of the annual all night horror movie marathon my favorite movie theater puts on. Since covid and theaters don’t mix, they’re still shut down, so instead of catching four 35mm gems in the company of other horror fans slowly getting delirious with sleep deprivation, I’m just going to do it on the couch this year and have my dogs to help me out. While I won’t get the benefit of the surprise of what films they’ll dig up and the old crusty trailers they show, I won’t have to drive home at four in the morning, half out of it. I’ve decided on three films I haven’t seen yet, and one that I really enjoy: Pieces (1983), Pulse (2001), The Changeling (1980), and The Beyond (1983). Wish me luck.