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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Screenshot: Steam

The weekend is for watching Hamilton on Disney+. Sad personal fact: I had tickets to Hamilton last year, but we wound up having union contract bargaining that same night, so I had to sell them. I felt that this was a noble sacrifice, but it was also a huge bummer. I’m excited for this situation to finally be somewhat rectified!


Other than that, there are a lot of games to play this weekend! I’m intrigued by the look of Townscaper, an early access game on Steam. It looks like a more chill version of Cities: Skylines, which is definitely what my brain needs right now. I’m also going to play more Fortnite, which I made a friend watch me play over Discord earlier this week, much to her confusion.

What about you? What are you playing?

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Plugging away at TLoU2 slowly but surely. Kinda figured I’d have beaten it by now but between the suns refusal to let me see anything remotely dark on my TV, and the fact that Survivor difficulty is a real bitch (i’m spending upwards to an hour on any given encounter) its taking a minute. I’m on the first night of the second part and so far big thumbs up from me. Also going to focus on Blasphemous because apparentely i love me some dark ass, depressing shit.

Otherwise I will continue to be hammered with the fact that OH BOY am I BAD at Escape from Tarkov. I am a walking free lunch for any lucky bastard who finds me...but still having fun which for a PVP based title is really rare.