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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Screenshot: Steam

The weekend is for needing to do laundry, because I’ve hit the “all I have left are sweaters” point of staying home a bit earlier than expected. I’ve read you can do your laundry in the bathtub, so I guess I’m going to try that? That leaves lots of time for games while things soak.


We’re combining “What Are You Playing?” with “How’s It Going?” for Fridays, so feel free to talk about your life in comments below if there’s not a game you’re itching to play. For myself, a friend mentioned the dystopic plague rule of Dishonored yesterday, and now I badly want to get back to my no kill/no detection run of that game. Maybe this is the weekend to accomplish a meaningless but nevertheless enjoyable goal!

What about you? What are you playing?

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Well, I stayed up too late last night trying to get a jackpot I didn’t actually need in a pachinko mini game in Yakuza 5, so I’m hoping to be smarter and get more sleep tonight and not derail myself into any depression. I feel ridiculous focusing on such small matters like enough sleep in light of what so many others are dealing with right now (though when has that not been true?) but hopefully if I keep myself okay I’ll be in a better place to help when those moments arise.

This weekend is for a couple home projects, baking biscuits, and playing Yakuza 5, where I’m closing in on the end, focusing on crossing off mini games and side tasks and final levels up. I also picked up Gran Turismo Spec II from the PSN spring sale, so I’ve been looking at shiny cars and working on getting golds on the training courses. I’ve missed that game.