What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The Longing
The Longing
Screenshot: Steam

The weekend is for making waffles for dinner, watching the new season of Ugly Delicious, and pretending the world isn’t quite so intense for a while. Maybe some video games will find their way in there too.


I’ve been playing The Longing, a partially idle game where your character has to waste 400 days inside a cave. While I’ve found some actions that speed up time a bit, the game involves a lot of real-time waiting that’s unexpectedly peaceful. I’ll have more thoughts next week, but if you want to check The Longing out for yourself, time progresses while it’s minimized or turned off, so you might as well get started if you want to see the end with me, uh, next year?

What about you? What are you playing?



Riley, how’d the half marathon go last week? WE ALL WANT TO KNOW!

Yakuza 5 update: After conquering a remote mountain by becoming a master hunter, trapper, and forager, and after beating up multiple wild bears with his bear, uh, bare hands, Taiga Saejima faced his toughest opponent yet: billiards!

Apparently there’s a known issue with the billiards controls in the HD remasters of Yakuza 3-5, where x-axis variances when pulling the right stick back for determining the power of your shot can influence where your ball goes (or something like that), and especially if you’re going for a powerful shot. What this meant for me was that sometimes I’d aim to the left of a ball and the cue ball would end up hitting on the right, or what seemed like a locked in shot would just go horribly awry. Combine this with how tough it is sometimes to lock in a shot—I would pull the right stick back to where I wanted it, then let it go to shoot, and it would just return to the neutral position—and how ridiculous some of the computer’s shots can be, and it’s an absolutely infuriating experience. A mini-game that should feel mostly under your control is now a maddeningly random experience.

However, I cleared those billiards tasks off the minigames list and got back to what I love about the game: dressing up as Santa to beat up a bunch of goons robbing mall santas, and then giving away their nunchucks and knives to children of the community; delivering ramen to a salaryman a block away on iced-covered sidewalks as random pedestrians fall over and flail helplessly as they slide towards me and the precious cargo; planning kidnappings of Yakuza org bosses; and, of course, legendary Yakuza series Karaoke dates. Right now, the absolute beast of an old school Yakuza member Saejima is about to enter a local snowball fight game as part of the winter festival, and best believe he is going to wreck all the other entrants.