What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is for going to a Kentucky Derby viewing party and losing some money. Then it’s for consoling myself with video games.


I haven’t had much time to play more Baba Is You lately, which means my 10-year-old nephew has made it much further than me. This ends now. (He’s a really smart kid, so no, it probably doesn’t.) I also should probably put my back into completing more Fortnite challenges before the season ends because I totally want all the battle pass rewards I will probably never equip.

What about you? What are you playing?

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I reported on finishing Bioshock Infinite (third time) a few weeks ago, but Kingdom Hearts III is done now too. So that long-term dual wielding of mine is over. Phew.

Now I’m taking a break with less narratively intense games. Cuphead is excellent and I find it hard to break myself away. But I did this morning for a return to Baba is You. And I also went ahead and got Katamari Reroll on sale. The Switch is amazing. Probably won’t have time to get to Bowser’s Inside Story on the 3DS this weekend.

Hey Kotaku friends, what should I dive into next on the PS4? Burial at Sea? KH3 on critical mode? (LOL just kidding) Or should I finally return to Horizon or AC: Origins? I did upgrade to a Pro and a 4K tv, after all. I bet they look stellar.