What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is for coming back from being away and dealing with the bag of lettuce you left in the crisper all week. Blugh. Also, video games.


Risk of Rain had a surprise release on the Switch yesterday, thus adding to my tendency of only owning games I already own on PC. The game makes a lot of sense on Switch, even though I can never remember what all the powers do. I’m excited to give it some more time and annoy everyone on the Amtrak with my swearing.

What about you? What are you playing?

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Just.. so much No Man’s Sky. The game’s not only way better than before - it’s becoming one of my favorite time sinks ever made. There are so many fun systems to play with now, but the best new thing has to be the weekly mission things, which by design put a whole lot of players in the same corner of space. I’ve seen so many people, finally got the zoology badges thanks to their help, and found dozens of super friendly messages left across this latest solar system. I found a sick base that looked like a giant 3D Pac Man, replete with a friggin dune buggy race course through the surrounding forest!