What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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It’s been a hell of a week, readers, but we’ve made it to the weekend. I have very big plans of doing nothing but running in the very nice weather, cooking (hopefully) tasty food out of the host of cookbooks I’ve bought recently, and playing a lot of video games.


I finally caved and bought Yakuza 0 for PC. I only had a PC until pretty recently, and I still sometimes think like a PC-only gamer. So even though I could have played Yakuza at any time, I still waited until it came to my favorite platform. Will I like it, or will the cutscenes—my least favorite video game feature—destroy me? Let’s find out together!

I’m also excited to check out Fortnite’s new mode, and I bought Bad North for my Switch but have yet to boot it up. I look forward to indecisively switching back and forth between all these options.


What about you? What are you playing?

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Octopath Traveller and getting through the rounds of the second chapters for my characters as well as getting everyone leveled properly. Also, looking for as many of the seconday jobs as possible.

I’ll admit that I let Kotaku’s review scare me away from my pre-order for the game but having actually bought it afterwards I can safely say the game is awesome. Primrose is my main and I gave her the scholar as a secondary job/class thing. Any tips on what other pairings for jobs would be good? I was eyeballing either cleric or hunter for the apothecary and thief for Tressa.