What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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My young niece is visiting this weekend, and I’m really excited to introduce her to a ton of cool games she can then annoy her mom by asking for. What should they be?

My sister bought her kids an Xbox a while back, but it’s hard to find games four kids of vastly different ages can play on it. That also means they can only play Xbox games. I have a PC, a Switch, and a PS4 , so I have a lot of options for games my niece and I could play. I think she’d really like Stardew Valley, especially on the Switch. She might like the characters in Overwatch, especially if I’m there to keep an eye on chat. Should we play Fortnite? Will my sister never forgive me?

What about you? What are you playing this weekend?

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Octopath Traveler. Before I start the chapter 2s I’m seeking out the job shrines. I can already see how this is gonna make things very interesting...

Also Kingdom Hearts Final Mix+. Proud Mode, picked the staff and rejected the sword. Just beat Deep Jungle (what a terrible world). I hate admitting it, but this game is certainly my comfort game. But in my defense the PS4 version looks gorgeous!