What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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The weekend is for really meaning to make your house look nice before your sister comes to visit but knowing you probably won’t. But since she has four kids, your house will still look like less of a disaster than hers does. Also, video games.


Last night I started Wolfenstein 2 again so I could check out the Wyatt timeline, though it shames me to admit I am doing a playthrough that doesn’t involve Fergus. Nevertheless, here we are. I might also jump into Hitman to refresh myself before the new campaign next week. I am pretty excited for more Hitman!

What about you? What are you playing?

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Christopher Becker

Gonna get my Warlock up to 260-ish in Destiny 2, then start on my Titan. Destiny 2 is a weird game, in that I absolutely love the gameplay, even though I hate so many different components of the game. My main at the moment is a Hunter, and I hate the gear and I hate the stupid useless-unless-you’re-one-specific-build-Dodge. Warlock, I hate the stupid floaty jumping and inconsistent teleport. I hate the story, and I hate that I have no reason to play beyond weekly Milestones and popping on to see what Xur’s got each week. I hate that there’s a cooldown on treasure chests and resources in the wild, because there’s no worse feeling in the world than looting something and getting nothing for it. I hate that there’s no matchmaking (no, Guided Games isn’t the same thing), and I hate that there’s no global chat or LFG or anything.

Yet despite all that hate, the moment to moment gameplay is just so god damn good. Bungie sucks at a lot of stuff, but they know how to make a shooter that just feels good.