What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This painting amuses me to no end.
This painting amuses me to no end.

The weekend is for packing to move into a new house! So probably not video games. But probably actually video games, because packing is boring.


I spent all my money in The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion on Geralt’s house, which is pretty similar to my current real-life situation. So I need to grind out some money to get him new armor and other Witcher-y stuff.

I’ll also probably check out Doomfist on the Overwatch PTR, though I’m currently on an Orisa streak.


What about you? What are you playing?

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Heather Alexandra

Hi Riley. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to play, although I know I will be streaming some PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tomorrow on our Twitch channel. I’m also hoping to get in another session with a very good Overwatch coach who I really liked working with before. My competitive rank is still a tier below my average and I learned a lot from my first session that I hope to improve on.

If I’m being dramatic, I’d love to finish Persona 5 but I’ll probably just make it to the next dungeon since I’m also using this weekend to write up a draft chapter for the next book I hope to publish. I think that will take a big chunk out of my Phantom Thievin’ time.