What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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I get a long weekend! That’s three whole days to play video games!

Earlier this week I solicited your advice for help finishing The Witcher 3. You all had such great stories of perseverance and how worth it the game is, so this weekend I’m putting a moratorium on Overwatch and Rocket League and Hitman and I’m only going to play Witcher 3. I will make progress, readers! We can do this.


What about you? What are you playing this weekend?


Continuing the team building/experimenting in Pokemon Sun, and I’ll also spend some time with Deus Ex Mankind Divided (went back to it last week for the first time in months, yikes) and Assassin’s Creed Chronicles (which is actually pretty fun!).

Oh, and I’ll be installing my shiny new 2 TB SSHD into my PS4. No more space issues for awhile! Wish me luck!