What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Oh my god, it’s the weekend! I did not see that coming! Let’s play some video games.


This weekend, I have a bunch of video game plans. I’m going to be playing some Destiny, as a matter of fact. I still have yet to complete Oryx hard mode, and the time has come. I am so, so jaded and pessimistic about HM Oryx, but I kinda feel like we’re finally going to do it. I’ll doubtless also play some more Overwatch, since D.Va has become my new favorite character and I’ve yet to get sick of playing her. She even helped me get my first-ever team kill the other night:


I know, I know. Her ult is OP. It’s a cheap way to get POTG. Whatever. It was awesome.

I’m planning a few other things as well—I like what I’ve played of Headlander, I want to replay Act III and then play Act IV of Kentucky Route Zero, and I have a few more VR games to check out, including the new mode that’s been added to House of the Dying Sun. All that and a few strolls around Portland with The Mobile AR Game That Shall Not Be Named.

How about you?

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Currently playing INSIDE. As someone who greatly relished Limbo, it behooved me to get my hands on Playdead’s latest gem. Playing the first five or so minutes of their new title was enough to convince me that it was going to live up to, if not surpass, the legacy that its spiritual predecessor.

Everything, from the way the environment is used as a gameplay/narrative tool to the stark but eerily gorgeous audiovisual presentation, serves to paint the picture of a minimalistic world that draws the player’s attention into the experience and helps them empathize with the protagonist as he endures sundry travails. It even compelled me to start writing my observations about the games I play for design purposes.

As far as thought-provoking titles go, INSIDE is a game that every developer and gamer should experience and analyze for themselves. It truly delivers the goods.