What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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Wait, it’s Friday already? Guess it is time for all of us to start planning how we’ll use our downtime!


Continuing this week of Pokemania, I’m going to try challenging some gyms this weekend in Pokemon Go. I’ve been intimidated by all the 1k+ CP monsters I’ve seen around, but I hear gyms are easier to tackle with friends, so I’ll give it another shot.

Aside from that I want to keep farming competitive wins in Overwatch, in the hopes of one day buying a golden gun. I’m not sure I can reach 300 during this season, but hey. It’s experience. Hopefully it makes me a better player in the long run.


Finally, I want to give Rimworld a shot—I hear it is basically a sci-fi Dwarf Fortress, which sounds interesting to me.

What about you?

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Dying Light. Never had the chance to play it when it was initially released back in 2015 due to a then-heavy workload and an overall lack of spare time that contributed to a stressful and strained period in my academic career.

So far the game is solid, if a bit tedious at times. I noticed that the combat isn’t quite as visceral or gratifying as the Dead Island games (not to mention less frequent), but the parkour mechanics and overall atmosphere make up for those gameplay lapses.

I sincerely look forward to playing more of it since I’m one of the folks who truly enjoyed Techland’s previous zombie titles in spite of their raunchy issues. Dying Light has certainly grabbed my full attention, that’s for sure.