Weekend! Get your weekend here! Fresh from the oven, only a dollar!

Hey, it’s Friday. Tomorrow’s Saturday, and after that comes Sunday. What a wonderful time to play some games!


I’ll level with you: I’m going to be traveling this weekend so my gaming time is pretty limited. Before I go, I’ll probably play some more Overwatch (naturally) and maybe a little Hitman. While I’m on the road, I’m going to dig into the new Rhythm Heaven Megamix and go back through some old 3DS games I stalled out on after I lost my 3DS. I’m sure I’ll also play some Pokémon Go, since I will definitely be on the go. I also downloaded The Brookhaven Experiment to try out on Vive, and am curious if that game is as cool as it looks. I skipped the demo, so here’s hoping the full game holds up.

Short list from me this week, but what about you? What are you playing this weekend?