What once was hot is cooling; what days were long, have shortened. It’s September, and fall is upon us.

I was going to begin this month’s post with an Earth, Wind & Fire quote, but then had this niggling feeling in the back of my brain… I Googled and sure enough, I did that last year. (Do this job long enough, and you start to forget things you’ve written.)

Anyway! Happy September; the onslaught has begun. Huge games are dropping left and right, and it’s not even technically fall yet. On cue, the hot summer weather in Portland did a Furiosa-style hard left, immediately becoming overcast and cool. It’s been lovely.

What are you playing this month? I’ll go first.

This week I’ve been mainlining Metal Gear Solid V, of course, in a likely futile attempt to play the whole thing before Destiny’s expansion comes out on the 15th. So far it’s a very good game, in some ways the Far Cry 2 sequel that I never quite got. At least, when it’s not being a total acid trip full of levitating gas-mask ghosts and hulking, predatory robots.


I’ve also been playing some Nova-111 at Stephen Totilo’s recommendation, and it is a very cool game. I’m about to start Danganronpa: Another Episode, and am pretty hyped about that; when I have time I’ll play some more of Final Fantasy VI, now that Jason has me good and hooked. Speaking of JRPGs (which stands for “Jason’s making me play this RPG”), I’ll also hopefully find time to keep moving forward in Suikoden II, since it’s been lovely so far. There’s also Tearaway Unfolded, and I really do want to play some Mad Max. Mobile fixations will likely continue to include Lara Croft: Go and Pac-Man 256.

Okay, your turn. What are you playing this September?

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