It’s October, that magical month when the trees start to turn, the big-name video games continue to drop, and a certain Kotaku features editor celebrates another year of being alive. Libras, unite.

September offered a richer than usual bounty of new games to play, and I’m guessing a lot of you are still dealing with the fallout of the past few weeks. As October gets underway, what are you playing? I’ll go first, as usual:

I’ve of course been playing a ton of Destiny. I’m glad to be done with my review, since I can now just focus on writing about smaller-scale stuff. I’m also going to go back and play the last couple of Metal Gear Solid V missions, though I already know that the “ending” is unsatisfying. I’ve finally found some time to play more Mario Maker, and can’t believe how good it is; I’m also just starting to play Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, which is out next week and which I’ll write more about soon on this very website.


I’ve been replaying 80 Days on my Mac, since it just landed on Steam—I love that game and I hope more people check it out now that it’s available on more platforms. I’m also planning to allot some time to return to both Final Fantasy VI and Suikoden II, since both games seem great and I don’t want to loose too much momentum on my replays. I still need to finish my Until Dawn playthrough in here somewhere… may be a good one to save for a Halloween group-playing party or something.

That about does it for me, though as usual I’m sure there are a few games I’m forgetting. How about you all? What are you playing this October?

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