Holy hell, it’s already May. How did that happen?

We may be nearing the halfway mark on 2015. It may be spring already, the days may be longer than ever, and there may be a ton of interesting games to play and replay. All of that may be the case. May we take a moment to list the games we’re all playing? We may.


For my part, I’ve cooled off on my 80+ hour binge of Bloodborne, though I’m still playing chalice dungeons and enjoying warping into peoples’ games in NG+ to help re-defeat bosses. I started a game of Dark Souls but haven’t had the time to properly dedicate to it; it’s clearly already great, though. I’m all caught up on both Life is Strange and Tales From The Borderlands, the latter of which has completely won me over. I still haven’t played episode three of Game of Thrones, and am struck by how swiftly my interest in that series went out the window. I’ll still play episode three at some point, though.

I’m back on Metroid Prime after a long break, and still plan to finish so that Stephen and I can have our third and final chat about it. I also need to finish Assassin’s Creed Rogue, which has been tricky since, against my better judgment, I’ve found myself playing GTA V and GTA Online yet again, this time on PC. What a terrific PC port. I’ve also been picking my way through Alan Wake, and I wrote about how I was surprised at how many things I still like about it.

Also.. let’s see… that iOS cat game Tina and Chris are so obsessed with, a bit more Destiny now that I know that I’ll be able to level up my favorite old weapons, and even some Monster Hunter 4 when I have time… though frankly, that’s the one game that’s not getting as much time as it should be.

Is that it? That’s probably it. I’m going to be reviewing The Witcher 3, which should significantly eat into my time to play other games. Until then, it’s a smorgasboard, baby.


How about you? What games may you be playing this May? Which games mayn’t you be playing? Share below, and have a lovely May Day.

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