Having picked up a pair of copies of PlatinumGames and Sega's Bayonetta last night, you can probably guess what I'll be doing with my extended holiday weekend.

As of last night, I'm only about 90 minutes into the game, which has been a familiar first 90 minutes. Much of what I've seen in demos, in screenshots and in trailers has been during these first few chapters. I'm greatly anticipating seeing something new, discovering more of what Bayonetta has to offer. While not as challenging (at this point) as I was expecting, the game is clearly letting me know that I need to improve my skills if I want to unlock much of Bayonetta's content.

Oh, and I may throw in some Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks. And some Demon's Souls.

How about you? Got anything on the game plan for the next few days? And if you have any questions about Bayonetta, now's the time to ask!