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It's February! That magical month where we all start to feel like maybe winter will end... and then the weather turns, and it's super awful and dark and cold again.


Last month I forgot about this post and wound up running it in the middle of the month, but I'm determined to get us all on track going forward. So: What have you been playing lately? What's on your agenda for February?

I'll go first: I've finally taken a break of sorts from Destiny. (And the crowd goes wild!) The game has reached a natural lull in between expansions, and Crota's End hard mode has been a pretty resounding disappointment for me and my raid team. So, we're all just running the occasional nightfall and that's about it. Which means I've got a lot more time for other games.

I just played Life is Strange and really liked it—more on that soon. I also just played the second episode of Telltale's Game of Thrones, which I also liked, and which I'll also have more on soon, since I don't want to just write a bunch of meaningless spoiler-free stuff when few of you have even played it yet. At Jason's behest, I'm playing through the first Suikoden, and liking that as well, though it sure is a crusty old JRPG. Everything takes a billion years, and managing my inventory makes me want to stab someone. But I'm liking the story, and am psyched to get to the sequel.

I've been playing more Grim Fandango Remastered, and am basically just using a FAQ at this point so I can relive the story. Those puzzles are haaaard, man. While I was in NYC last week I played a fair chunk of Gravity Ghost on my laptop, which I like quite a bit. It's a small game with a nifty central mechanic that relies heavily on feel and intuition for mastery, and Ben Prunty's music is perfect. I'm also playing Dying Light, which I am liking and which is more like Far Cry 2 than I was expecting. That said, a few hours into it, I can use my imagination and guess what the next 18 will be like. Also on the agenda: Darkest Dungeon, which is new on Steam Early Access and which I'm psyched to check out, and soon, Majora's Mask 3DS, which a few of my colleagues are already playing but which I don't have yet.


That's me, more or less. How about you? What are you playing this month? Sound off below.

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