​What Are You Playing This December?

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It's December, which means that there are five thousand new video games to choose from. What to do in the face of so many video games? Start playing, I guess.


For my part, I'm playing… well, everything. Too many things. Lots of open world games; I'm making my way through Far Cry 4, which I really like when I'm not playing story missions, GTA V in first-person, and Assassin's Creed Unity, which I really just do not care for. I'm still playing Destiny, of course, even though it's become something of a Chatterwhite-collection game for me at this point. Plenty of other things, too.

How about you? What are you playing this month? What did you decide to grab in November? Are there any games that you got but have found yourself skipping in favor of other stuff, or do you find yourself playing older games, despite all the new things that just came out? Do tell.

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The game of the year known as Dragon Age Inquisition. With the shit show the earlier releases, slow as usual summer and the mostly big mess of the fall releases, DAI has been a righteous fix.