What Are Ya Buyin'?

Hola, Kotaku. Let's put this Tuesday to bed with a question, as we tend to do on Tuesdays. As a consumer of goods and services myself, I'm wondering, what have you been buying lately?

Surely you've picked up some comic books, some video games, some action figures, a car or house or two. Maybe you'd like to show it off in this thread, brag about some sweet loot you acquired at your local vendor. Me, I haven't been buying much beyond high quality beer and food, but I did pick up the Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery LP soundtrack today. Now I just need to dig the record player out of the basement, buy a pre-amp and listen to the darn thing as nature intended.


Or I can just listen to the MP3s I downloaded...

Anyway, what are ya buyin'? Here's a few links if you're cash poor right now. They're free!


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