What Are The Chances Of A Fable Movie?

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Fable III features a star-studded voice cast. "This is one of the biggest collections of British comedic talent," says the game's designer Peter Molyneux. He's right. It is. This is the kind of cast you'd see for a film.


Stephen Fry, who appeared in Fable II, will be joined by Academy Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley, Shaun of the Dead star Simon Pegg, journeyman actor Bernard Hill, TV personality Jonathan Ross, Michael Fassbinder of Inglorious Basterds fame and John Cleese of John Cleese fame.

According to Molyneux, when they started work on Fable III, the team drew up a wish list of actors they would like to work with for the title. Things is, they started getting the names of their wish list.

Some of the actors, like Simon Pegg, weren't only familiar with the series, but also were fans. John Cleese, Molyneux says, was a little harder to convince. "He's from a different generation," Molyneux says of the 70-year-old performer. But when Cleese signed on, he gave the character of Jasper the butler his own spin. "He improvised a lot," says Molyneux.

With such an impressive cast and vivid setting, surely Molyneux and his team must be harboring ambitions to take the Fable world to the silver screen. According to the designer, "Part of me says 'yes'. I could got to the set and hold the camera. I could go to the movie premiere. But then, I think how Hollywood has driven pretty much every game franchise into the ground."



This is one of the few times Molyneux has said something in the last five years that I can 100% get behind.

I've found it very hard to agree with his comments for a while now because it seems that every time he gets the chance to hype his game he goes overboard and promises something he ultimately can't deliver.

This, however, is a smart move in my eyes. Fable's storyline isn't strong enough to succeed without interaction in my opinion, and I'm glad to see that Molyneux doesn't feel a Fable movie would go down too well.