In a collaboration with Capcom, American game developer Epic is lending Gears of War's main characters Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago to upcoming action title Lost Planet 2.

The appearance of both Gears characters in Lost Planet 2 was revealed in a trailer shown today at Xbox Japan's Capcom event.


It is believed that the characters will be available as exclusive downloadable characters for the Xbox 360 and will not be appearing in the game's story mode. This is still unconfirmed, however.

This announcement also appears to be the "kick ass news" Gears designer Cliff Bleszinski has been tweeting about.

Lost Planet 2 designer Jun Takeuchi has long professed his admiration for Gears of War. The controls for Resident Evil 5 were influenced by the controls for Gears of War, and Takeuchi even referred to the revamped RE5 controls as "Gears-like".

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