Something something we have no idea what we're doing something something but give us all your money and we'll probably never deliver on our promises. Also give us your money.

Obviously not all Kickstarters are miscalculated judgments and ideas, failures or straight up scams. Some have been incredibly exciting and successful. It's been a great platform for people trying to escape the contracts and obligations of partnering up with bigger corporations to get good ideas out there. It's given small voices a chance to stand out.


But if you've sifted through enough Kickstarter pages and video proposals, you've probably noticed a pattern with how their pitches are sculpted. And you've probably gotten a recurring impression from a lot of them that things might not go over as smoothly as the creators hope it to. As they often do. This video from omgchomp has just a little bit of fun with that.

via Laughing Squid

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