What A Horrible Night To Have Such A Wonderful Castlevania Map

Artist Bill Mudron, who is no stranger to amazing video game maps, has produced another amazing video game map, this time for the Castlevania series.


Here are the details from Bill's store page:

Explore the wilds of 17th-century Europe with this dye-color map charting both the interior of Dracula's infamous castle (as seen in the original NES Castlevania game) and the surrounding Transylvanian countryside (as seen in Castlevania II: Simon's Quest and Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse).

24 X 36-inch print on premium matte stock. Shipped rolled in a reinforced tube.

This is a pre-order. Prints will begin shipping by the end of April.

The print will come in two flavours, colour as well as black & white. You can put your name down for one at Bill's site below.

NES Castlevania map [Store, via Tiny Cartridge]

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