WET Producer Talks PS3 Controls, Collision Detection

Patrick Fortier, A2M creative director for WET, sat down and talked with me last week about the upcoming acrobatic shooter.

Unfortunately, the video, which was recorded by the folks at Bethesda, didn't pick up my voice at all. I think my microphone must have been turned off. I really apologize for my missing questions, fortunately you can hear the answers just fine: In order, here's what I asked about:

How the Vivendi/Activision deal impacted the development of the game.

The idea behind Rage mode.

Did they draw any inspiration for WET from Mirror's Edge.

What movies did the developers look at when creating the grindhouse feel of the game?


How much thought did the developers put into the creation of Rubi and their decision to not over-sexualize her for the game.

How much did the developers look at games with bullet time like Stranglehold and Max Payne, while developing the game?

Will the PS3 version have control differences?

How many iterations of the controls and automated acrobatic sequences did the developers go through before landing on the final build?


Why can Rubi slide up stairs and over items, and do they plan on tweaking the collision detection?

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