We're Not Getting This Chrono Trigger Sequel, Dammit

Source: YouTube via ResetEra

When not creating delightful video games, Owlboy creator Simon Stafsnes Andersen likes to create mock trailers for video games that will probably never exist. Like this one, a heartbreaking glimpse at the Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross sequel that might have been.

According to the YouTube description, it took Andersen a year to get the look he wanted for the trailer, which features gorgeous hi-resolution sprites inspired by characters Janus and Lucca. Between the look and the lovely music by Jonathan Geer, Andersen’s vision of Chrono Break is pretty much perfect.

And that perfection hurts, because we’ll never get this game. We’re getting Streets of Rage 4. Why not this?

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I’ve discussed this with people before, but I really cannot understand Square-Enix at all. They’ve shown that they love a good cash-in (shitloads of F2P mobile games, expensive ports of Chrono, FFVI, etc., and the future 14 disc version of FFVII), so why didn’t they ever do something like this? They clearly see people want more “classic”-style RPGs (think Octopath Traveler), so...