We're Looking For Significant Others' Reviews Of Grand Theft Auto V

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Got a girlfriend who’s addicted to Grand Theft Auto V? Do you love watching your husband snipe virtual cops and rob fake banks? We want to hear from you!


We’re looking for light, one-paragraph reviews by significant others of GTA V players for an upcoming Kotaku roundup. We want to hear observations, insights, and thoughts on Rockstar’s blockbuster, as written by people who have watched their loved ones play it. Incorrect and inaccurate descriptions of the game are acceptable (recommended, even). The more it makes us laugh, the more likely we are to feature it.

If you’ve got a submission, send it my way. Remember: we’re looking for significant others’ thoughts, so if you’re the GTA player and your partner watches you play, we want to hear from them, not you.


You can reach the author of this post at jason@kotaku.com or on Twitter at @jasonschreier.

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So many people saying their wives hate the game, makes you wonder if this is a “boys club” kinda game...

I’m sure there must be at least a few girls who like this game, but most of my female friends who also play games just shrug at GTA in general, it doesn’t seem to attract them at all, except for one particular girl I know, who loves any game in which she can go wild and wreak havoc indiscriminately. Incidentally, she just happens to be a lesbian.