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We're Giving Away Five Copies of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition

Illustration for article titled Were Giving Away Five Copies of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition

Don't forget, we're giving away five copies limited edition Uncharted 2: Fortune Hunter here on Kotaku.


You have the rest of today to post a picture of yourself and short paragraph in comments that proves you are the biggest Uncharted fan. Make sure to include #fortunehunter in the post.

We'll be sifting through the comments, looking for our favorite five, and on Friday we'll announce the finalists for you to vote on in a poll.


While the final five will be selected by us, getting lots of comments for your image and graph certainly wouldn't hurt.

All of the details for the contest are here, make sure to read them.

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I admit I am not the BIGGEST Uncharted fan, however I love collecting anime and game things to display, and this would look oh so collectibly sexy with the rest of it. I will say the first game was amazing, and I can't wait to play the second Uncharted on my 73" HDTV... To have this would be doing Naughty Dog, Drake, and the game a service to treasure hunters around the globe! It would be safe from would-be thieves that have no honor...

Believe me, if I could camp Kotaku like some Final Fantasy XI notorious monster, I'd have been spending all week here awake, staring... Did that to Simurgh once. My Treasure Hunter abilities never failed me, so I hope Kotaku drops this to me!

Now pretty please with a cherry and whipcream ontop give me my precious! I WANTS IT!!! I mean umm.. Quick, throw me the game, I'll throw you the... um, yeah, I have nothing to throw back!


PS: yes, the above is short. My real posts come with cliff notes! #uncharted2amongthievesfortuneh...