Well, This Is The Worst Pac-Man Facial Hair I've Ever Seen

Illustration for article titled Well, This Is The Worst emPac-Man/em Facial Hair Ive Ever Seen

It's not like I've seen all that much Pac-Man facial hair. Or really, any Pac-Man facial hair. But this is still the worst.

This dude, posted to Uberhumor and spotted by Tosh.0, manages to combine some truly nightmarish facial hair with a generally dopey/high facial expression, sending a clear message: "I don't give a flying fuck."

A transcript from when I dropped this image into Kotaku group-chat:

Evan: The real question is, does he have enough chest hair for ghosts?

Owen: Wait'll you see where he plays Missile Command.

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This should be the image representing "dumbass" in all encyclopedias.