We'll Show You Our Dragon Age II Character If You Show Us Yours

Dragon Age II is here, finally giving players the chance to cobble together their own version of the game's answer to Mass Effect's Commander Shepard. Watch me craft my version of Hawke, and then show us yours.


The character creation function was locked for the Dragon Age II demo, leaving us stuck playing the male or female version of Hawke that BioWare wanted us to play. No longer! We are now free to create Hawkes of our own choosing, be they burly men or slightly homely females.

What have you folks come up with?

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I'm running with the default male Hawke, please don't castrate me. I run with the default male Shepard in Mass Effect as well.

I just feel like the default always looks a lot better than anything I can make on my own. Custom characters all tend to look pretty much the same to me, the defaults are the only ones that look "right."