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Well Of Course This Neon Cyberpunk Hacking Game Is Called Wetware

Welcome to Wetware, an upcoming 80s-tinged cyberpunk strategy game from Reality Council that puts you in charge of a "megacorporate network" and tasks you with, well, taking over the internet.


From the description on the Reality Council website:

Hire elite hackers to attack other networks, steal information, crash their nodes and protect your assets. Get involved in corporate espionage, corrupt officials and prying journalists. Carve out a networked empire, neutralize your competition and dominate the Net.


Dominate the net, baby! There's a LeBron James joke in there but I'm not quite pulling it all together.

Wetware be out this summer on Windows, OSX and Linux. The soundtrack will be out of my head in approximately one day.

(Via Rock, Paper Shotgun)

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A friend of mine had a similar game years ago. Where you had to hack the world, upgrade your rig, and it was done in a minimalistic form like this one.