Well Now Nintendo Is Just Being Mean [UPDATE]

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See this photo? It's a lovely display from the Mother series, captured by Kotaku friend Matt Hawkins at the Nintendo World Store in New York City.


Isn't this fantastic? Look at the adorable sprites. The cartridges. The CDs. It's really lovely.

Which would all be well and good, except Nintendo of America has spent the past two decades pretending this series doesn't exist. In other words, the company is just teasing us.


Mother 1 never made it here in any form. Mother 2 squeaked onto U.S. shores as Earthbound for the Super Nintendo, but it's nowhere to be found on the Virtual Console, and we never saw the Game Boy Advance port. Mother 3 also never made it to North America, although there's an unofficial English patch floating around.

Illustration for article titled Well Now Nintendo Is Just Being Mean [UPDATE]

I reached out to a Nintendo representative this morning to ask if this new display signifies that the company maybe wants to show America some Mother love, but I haven't heard back yet. Nintendo likes being cruel.


Update: Several readers have e-mailed me to say they asked Nintendo World Store employees about the exhibit. According to one reader, everything in the case is employee-donated. So maybe Nintendo isn't being all that mean after all.

Update 2: Nintendo of America has responded to our request for comment:

The display at Nintendo World features many different historical Nintendo products and franchises from around the world. It is not meant to signal any announcements regarding the featured games.

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People, be realistic. It's not gonna happen. They're not going to release a GBA game two generations after that hardware is dead. Mother 3 missed its window to release in the US almost 10 years ago.

The only hope it has is an eShop release, and nobody has been smart enough to release a high-quality full-length JRPG on a digital distribution service. Nintendo, with their total lack of online experience, won't be the first.

If the Mother series is going to continue - note, it hasn't seen a single new release in Japan since Mother 3, either! - this definitely isn't a sign. Think of it more like a memorial.