Well Here's A Fun New Destiny Conspiracy Theory

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Just how did someone find a secret in the newest Destiny update 17 minutes after it went live? And did that same magical sleuth tease some actual news about the future of Bungie’s space treadmill?


Here’s a fun conspiracy theory that popped up this week on r/DestinyTheGame, my favorite subreddit and a wonderful place for Destiny obsessives. Be warned: it’s silly.

On Tuesday, not long after Destiny’s big April update went live, a user by the name of RezylAzzir posted about a hidden Dead Ghost in the new mode for the Prison of Elders. Dead Ghosts, which are sprinkled throughout the universe of Destiny, are collectible items that players can find and activate. Each one is attached to a Grimoire card that tells a short story or offers a new bit of Destiny lore. This new Ghost did the same.

RezylAzzir’s discovery was great and all, but it quickly led to some questions.

“How did you download the update, beat prison of elders, and find a dead ghost so fast?” asked one Redditor, AirEchoDragon.

“The update went live at approximately 10:20 AM Pacific,” wrote Redditor Landonkey. “This post was created at 10:37 AM Pacific. So, this person managed to download the update, run a full Prison of Elders, find the ghost, and make a post on this sub in about 17 minutes? That seems impossible.”

HMMMM. Once players had found the Dead Ghost, they realized something else: the attached Grimoire card was actually about a Destiny character named... Rezyl Azzir. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


Granted, the name Rezyl Azzir had been mentioned in a previous Grimoire card, and this Redditor’s handle had been around for a few months now. But even if the person behind this account just took the name from that old lore, how did they know about the new Dead Ghost?

The mysterious RezylAzzir has since deleted the original thread. He or she has no other posts on Reddit.


Of course, the conspiracy goes deeper. Today, Redditor TheDoctorCE pointed out that this RezylAzzir had made another post before he or she nuked everything. TheDoctorCE wrote: “So I’m sure people are aware of the post showing the location of the PoE ghost by the account [RezylAzzir] which is now deleted. But did anyone else see the post it made in the same thread by that account in Latin?”

The phrase, as found via unreddit: “Vigesima die mensis noni. ILLUD est venturus. Per Audacia ad astra”


In Latin, the first phrase translates to “The twentieth day of the ninth month.”

The second phrase roughly translates to “It is about to come.”

The third phrase roughly translates to “Through boldness to the stars,” and it’s been a common marketing slogan for Bungie over the past few years.


Is Reddit user RezylAzzir a Bungie employee hinting at something that might happen on September 20? We already know there’s a Destiny expansion coming this fall; that date would be an easy guess, although I’m not sure Bungie has even finalized those plans yet. Is there some grander scheme at work here? Or has Destiny just driven us all insane? Discuss.



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