Here's an image hyping Battlefield 4, sent to us by a tipster on the same day that Battlefield publisher EA confirmed that the game will be shown in San Francisco on March 26.

We haven't been able to confirm if the image is real, but it's got the same downpour motif as EA's invitations to the game's press unveiling:

Official teaser invitation.

Official invitation.

Battlefield 4 was shown to GameStop employees last month. People who pre-ordered last fall's Medal of Honor are guaranteed to get access to the game's beta, as are some others.


The game will presumably be out this fall. No word on whether it'll be bundled with an umbrella.

UPDATE: We stood in front of a monitor displaying this image and decided to enhance it. Saying "enhance" didn't work, so we did it in Photoshop.


(Hey, this first one is Shanghai!)