Here come the cyborgs | A nostalgia-inducing screen from PC gaming classic Syndicate, which re-launched today on

It's Official! Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield Co-Star in Resident Evil 6

As teased at and GameStop advertising materials, Resident Evil 6 is officially coming this November, bringing the series two most popular male leads together for the first time. More »


Wired for Great Sound, Just Not for Convenience

Making a consumer recommendation on a video game is rather simple: new ones typically cost $60, so the question is whether the thing is worth that. Hardware and peripherals are a bit trickier as a manufacturer can pile on features and conveniences, jacking up the price but, inevitably, making a... More »


A Response to My Critics About the 'Homophobic' Language in Battlefield 3

On Monday, I wrote about homophobic language in Battlefield 3. I thought I had sufficiently unpacked the words I quoted from the game's multiplayer dialogue in order to make my point clear. More »



Kid Icarus: Uprising is a Gaudy, Goofy, Surprisingly Hardcore Shoot-'Em-Up

When Nintendo announced Kid Icarus: Uprising at last year's E3, I remember the enthusiastic response from the crowd. "Hooray!" they said. "A new Kid Icarus game!"
And yet when we paused to think about it... More »


More Senators Abandon PIPA, But Lead Author Says Blackout Sites Wouldn't Have Been Affected

Support for PIPA, the Senate version of the notorious Stop Online Piracy Act, is dwindling faster than most media outlets can keep up with them. If you woke up to an article today that reported that X number of Senators have dropped their support for the Protect IP Act, you can assume they... More »

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