The New Amazon Playstation Network Store

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This is the new Amazon Playstation Network Store, an alternate venue to purchase digital Playstation content for Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and Playstation Vita.

The downside of going all digital for the next-gen consoles was going to be restricting yourself to only one storefront for potential deals, but now that's not an issue.

To celebrate the launch of the store, Amazon will be offering $5 PSN credit back on select digital purchases, and even better, customers who participate in the limited time buy two get one free promotion starting at noon ET today (Tuesday) will also get a bonus $5 PSN credit.


We can't wait to see what digital deals Amazon brings to the PSN table, and we'll be back before the B2G1 free promo goes live to remind you again.


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Wait, I'm a little confused. How is Kotaku related to the Amazon Playstation Network Store? You're very excited to introduce it? Has Kotaku partnered with Amazon/Sony in this?

It just sounds a little weird. I don't think this is a Sponsored post, but a lot of this sounds like an Amazon/Sony advertiser.

This is cool and exciting that they're teaming up, but the way you're talking about it sounds like you're a part of it, as well. You can partner with them if you want, but it seems like an odd choice during these new console launches and all of the concern amongst gamers over potential bias in coverage.

Maybe the way you're presenting this is just giving me the wrong impression, but this seems uncomfortably close to promotion.