And you thought your computer cables were in knots? Ha! Check out this internet spiderweb in Wuhan, China.

Recently, photos of an area with one helluva tangled cable mess appeared on numerous Chinese news sites. According to reports, the cables are for the internet (though, I'd imagine there are some power and telephone lines in there, too).

Apparently, the renters are procuring their own connections. So, more renters crammed in numerous one-room apartments means more lines out the window. This is a low-rent district, so don't think the nice parts of town look like this.


As news site Jinghua notes, some residents joke that if someone fell from the roof, the web of cables would catch their fall.


Looks like that's not all.

一居民区网线似"盘丝洞" [Jinghua]

Eric Jou contributed to this article.

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