Welcome To Modern Warfare 2, Everyone

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This morning, when I jumped back into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, over 37,000 Xbox Live gamers were there to join me, laughing in the face of the outmoded concept of "street dates." How's it looking now?


About double that, as our European friends join in the fray, helping to bring the current online player count on Xbox Live to an impressive 74,668. That pushes my personal Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer score rank to 93,681 and my multiplayer kill rank to 97,455. Some of my Xbox Live friends have ranks in the 200,000s.

That means there are already a hell of a lot of you playing this thing and many of you playing it rabidly, considering we don't have figures for the PlayStation 3 or PC versions right now.


We'll be keeping an eye on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network to see how the game holds up under the stress. Keep an eye peeled for our full Modern Warfare 2 review, hitting later tonight.

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"game released - people playing it!'

STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES, REALLY?!?!?!? #modernwarfare2