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You only ever seem to hear about arcades closing these days, so let's break that depressing trend and welcome the opening of a big new arcade instead.


Pinball Wizard Arcade is located in Pelham, New Hampshire, and will be throwing its doors open on January 12. Not only does it have a great name, but it sounds like it has a great collection, as it'll have over 200 arcade games and, perhaps more awesomely, over 70 pinball machines.

The arcade games are, as you'd expect, heavy on fighting games, with the roster including titles like:

X-Men Children of the Atom, Marvel Superheroes, Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel Vs. Streetfighter, X-Men Vs. Streetfighter. SNK Vs. Capcom, SNK Vs. Capcom 2, Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat III Ultimate, Mortal Kombat 4, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II Championship Edition, StreetFighter Alpha, StreetFighter Alpha 2, StreetFighter Alpha 3, Tekken 2, Soul Edge.


Some of the pinball games available include:

Roller Coaster Tycoon, Cirqus Voltiare, Bonzai Run, Family Guy, Addams Family, Twilight Zone, Black Hole, Eight Ball Deluxe, Black Knight, Whirlwind and Party Zone.

Best of luck, Pinball Wizard!

Pinball Wizard Arcade opening in Pelham, NH next week [Arcade Heroes]


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You know - I loved Arcades growing up but I have to say they screwed themselves. Raising prices of games to a buck a pop. Really? A buck a pop. I understand inflation. But when your business model involves getting kids away from their concoles and PCs at home where they can rip games to their hearts content and get them to pay per play, and you raise the prices of arcade games to a buck a pop? What are you nuts?

I get it. You, the invisible non existent arcade owner I am talking to, have costs to pay. I really do. But if you want people to come in and play you need to lower the prices. Your main audience are KIDS. With no stable source of income. You need to charge less and get kids into the arcades. Then you make your money by also selling drinks and food. OR one arcade in Rhode Island I went to a few times, would have games give tickets for prizes like at Dave and Busters. Unfortunately not for Streetfighter 3 3rd Strike, or Marvel vs Capcom 2. But a lot of games regardless.

I hope arcades find some kind of successful business model because online multiplayer is killing peoples social skills if you ask me.

Also I blame parents. Arcades where how kids used to play games when parents wouldn't buy them every console under the sun for their kids.